BR10-PMS-25 Series SF6 Gas Insulated Padmount Switch


BR10-PMS-25 series SF6 gas insulated padmount switch - Rated voltage : up to 25.8kV, 600A - Short time withstand current(RMS) : 12.5kA/1s, - Insulation medium : SF6 - 3 position rotary switch with built-in earthing switch - Opening and closing time within 3sec - CT and voltage sensor located on each bushing - Electrical low gas interlocking - Optional gas pressure gauge, - M2 & E3 class as per IEC 62271-103 - Deadbreak type terminal - Three or four LBS's configuration available - Optional dry type potential transformer BR-10PS-3/4 Controller - Phase & Ground fault detection for each circuit - Monitor equipment status and each way, and measure electrical quantities on distribution line in real-time - Remote monitoring and control over serial-based DNP3 - Status indication of faulty phases, loss of phase, live line, and synchronism - Record various events and fault waves - Setting through the operating program, viewing the status, checking the event data, and downloading F/W Electrical control panel for BR-10PS Controller - local control and status indication through control panel - Battery and lamp tests - Selection of control source, and toggle switch for blockig motorized operations - Aux. DC 24V supply for controller and battery charger - Open protection module for the current transformer - Voltage divider and adjustment module - Heavy duty relay for operating LBS