Troposcope is a power sector centric, AI driven, weather forecasting service (SaaS) that produces location / region based forecasts at a time-block level data resolution and revised every hour, with a focus on RE asset requirements like irradiation and hub-height wind forecasts, and demand influencing parameters for the power utilities. Weather forecast indirectly affects upto 1% of annual revenues for RE generators and Utilities due to its impact on Day-Ahead and Intra-Day DSM in India. With an accurate time block level (15 minutely) forecast, RE generators and utilities can save upto 0.5% of their annual revenues. Advantage to the generators - Estimation of the solar energy potential during the pre-feasibility study - Ability to predict the parameters like global horizontal irradiation, ambient temperature, wind speed, relative humidity - Ability to predict the long-term yield and related variabilities - Revised hourly to focus for the intra-day weather changes - An opportunity to compare and identify the equipment and operations related errors - Comparison of the actual generation in kWh to the budgeted kWh - An interactive map will be provided to check the project and its related parameters Value Proposition - 15 minutely (can be scaled easily to 5 minutely) forecasts. - Revised hourly to focus on intra-day weather changes. - Using a combination of geophysical and AI/ML models. - Platform independent product with API based metered access with monthly usage reports. - Highly customizable due to the availability of highly qualified software development team.