Optimax is a suite of niche Plug’n’Play software components for Solar and Wind assets that can add ~1% gain to the topline. It leverages the knowledge and experience of asset management experts and digital gurus to maximize an asset’s yield by deploying diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive analytics. Timely action, based on software’s recommendation can have a direct impact on an entity’s revenues and ensure optimum asset life. Most renewable energy plants only realize 80-90% of their potential generation using process-oriented O&M practices. Unlocking the last tier of efficiency requires exponential effort as these optimizations are hidden in subtle data patterns. Addressing this manually is cost-intensive and unviable economically. With AI/ML tech becoming a norm, it is now possible to extract these patterns directly from the data in real-time, run their diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive analyses, and recommend the best action to be taken. Effectively, Optimax results in extracting the maximum possible efficiency for the asset providing more bang for the buck invested. Every percentage point of efficiency gained directly adds to the revenue generated by the plant. For every MW, a tentative savings of around USD 3000 per year can be saved and added to the balance sheet.