DataVerse offers a streamlined, standardized system and a common platform for the organization to find, manage, access, store, and secure its data. Companies can make the best and the most informed, data-driven decisions in quick time with this platform. Dataverse captures and efficiently stores your data and provides the following benefits to your company: 1. Big Data Management - Data acquisition and integration - Database streamlining & management - Data cleaning and validation - Data security and privacy - Data transformation 2. Monitoring and Reporting - Performance comparison at multiple levels. - Commercial decision making with impact calculation & ROI analytics. - Control room for decision support - Supply chain management 3. Automation and Control - Process re-engineering & system strengthening - Remote & active plant & manpower management - Workflow ticketing and alert generation - Safe & reliable operation - Equipment warehousing and sizing 4. Foundations for deeper Big data analytics - Organized data to add deeper analytics - Optimax - Preventive and corrective maintenance - Fast elimination of persisting operational issues with real-time data driven decision making and centralized planning - Predictive analysis The big-picture benefits of DataVerse are: 1. Long-term value Your data systems provide value for several years to come 2. Streamlined systems More efficient data management with quick access to analytics 3. Cybersecurity Your data is safe and secure from external threats. 4. Increase productivity Save your hours while increasing output as we automate workflows and reports 5. Scalability Use the same systems as your portfolio grows massively without compromising performance