Energy Portfolio Management


Energy Portfolio Management, a ML powered software, is offered as a service to Power Utilities that enables them to minimize energy procurement costs, plan and schedule power efficiently and maximize revenue potential by finding opportunities to sell surplus power for a profit. The software simplifies daily and real-time decisions by having all insights available in one place. The product offers end-to-end solutions for power procurement optimisation to the state distribution companies, through AI driven systems. It includes the impact of weather changes and other key variables like demand fluctuations, transmission corridor availability, outages, shutdown of plants etc. The demand-supply scenario is monitored on a continuous basis to encash maximum benefits from the real time markets. Value Proposition: - Least cost procurement - Maximise surplus power sales - Risk simulation Specialized set of products under Energy Portfolio Management Solution: - Weather forecasting using radar, satellites and various forecasters - Day-ahead and intra-day Load forecasting - Automated scheduling calculates the lowest cost of supply and engages automatically with all stakeholders - Power price forecasting & Trade Optimization using AI models to recognize market opportunities early EPM Software Features: - State level Demand Forecasts for 15-minutely time block - Load centre wise weather forecast - Configurable to 10-minutely / 5-minutely grid scheduling - Day ahead and intraday forecasting & scheduling - Day ahead and intraday procurement and sale of power - Cost benefit analysis - Risk simulation - Deviation penalty minimisation - Least cost procurement & revenue maximisation strategy At least 30% of the commercial benefits realised through EPM can be attributed to accurate price forecast. Power Price Forecasting, an ML powered tool, is offered as a service to DISCOMs, merchant power generators and Open Access consumers. It enables them to minimize energy procurement c