BR10-SPS-25 Solid Dielectric Polemout Load Break Switch


BR10-SPS-25 solid dielectric polemount load break switch - Rated voltage and current : 25.8kV, 630A - Short time withstand current(RMS) : 12.5kA/1s - Insulation medium : Solid(HCEP) - Arc extinguishing method : Vacuum - Single spring toggle mechanism with motor - Opening and closing time within 1sec - 3 built-in CTs and 6 built-in voltage sensors - M2 & E3 class as per IEC 62271-103 - Insulator with excellent environmental resistance and no exposed parts - Nema pad or universal clamp available - Mounting bracket for round or square pole - Optional operating rod for manual operation from ground - Optional mount bracket for arrester - Interface with various controls from BH System : BR-10S/SN for distribution automation, and W-type EC1 for local control panel